Rumors and Ramblings

November 7, 2016 Detroit News 0

  • The Lions were beaten pretty efficiently on Thanksgiving day, losing to the Packers 34-12.  Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson both started and played the entire game but both are pretty banged up.  You could see Stafford wincing over his left shoulder and CJ limping around and not playing up to snuff.  The game was bad and Detroit’s defense was worse.  The Lions brain trust knows what it needs to do in the offseason.  Hopefully things will improve next season.
  • Lions back-up quarterback Daunte Culpepper was upset that he didn’t get the start on Thursday against the Green Bay Packers.  He was seen sulking on the bench and getting into a heated discussion with GM Martin Mayhew on the sidelines.  I’d rather have Stafford play injured than Culpepper at full strength.  he should be demoted to third on the depth chart or cut after this past weeks tantrum.
  • Rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew is out with a significant left knee injury that will require season-ending surgery.  Brandon was coming into his own at TE and was developing into a good offensive weapon, working well with QB Matthew Stafford.  I hope he recovers well and is ready for the start of next season.  Good luck with the surgery, Brandon.
  • There is even more speculation about Detroit losing the Thanksgiving Day game after this years blowout by the Packers.  I believe the Lions should keep the game.  the team will improve in time.  The NFL really doesn’t care about tradition, though, just about their pocket books so Detroit losing the game wouldn’t surprise me but would disappoint me.