The Lions Congregation – Week 11

Rev Spielman over at The Church of Schwartz continues his Q&A with several of theinternet’s top Lions bloggers. It is, as usual, a good read. Go check it out. Here’s the questions for this week and my responses.

1. Well respected ESPN columnist Kevin Seifert says the Lions have 7 keepers on their roster . Using his methodology, who do you see as a keeper on this roster ?

Motown Madmen: I agree with the keepers as those are pretty much the no brainers. I’ve heard people bitching, saying to draft a RB. Why? Smith will be a stud oncethey give him a line to run behind. Otherwise, the Lions are not stocked with great players, not even good players. They need to focus on the long term and those guys are ones to build around. As for the watch list, I like everyone on it but Backus. Seifert says move him to guard. That may work but I’d rather just they cut him loose. It’s time to move on. The O-line and D-line needs a complete overhaul and the secondary, with the exception of Delmas, needs replacing. I’d like them to look more at Zack Follett as well. I like his intensity and, at least, he’s a good addition to a poor special teams (get rid of Stan Kwan as well). It would be nice if they could keep the guys on Seifert’s lists and then get all new players for the rest of the team. The Ford family needs to give Schwartz and Co at least 5 years to rebuild this team. They need to draft linemen (both sides) this year and look heavily at free agency. Secondary is also a concern.

2. Do the Lions need cheerleaders ?

Motown Madmen: DOH! Yes. It would give us something to look at while the Lions are sucking it up.

3. What’s your projected outcome for Browns – Lions?

Motown MadmenThe worst AFC North team visits the worst NFC North team in a battle for the first draft pick. Vegas has the odds at -3.5 in the Lions favor with the O/U at 38.5. I believe that the Lions will win this game, handily. I’d take the Lions against the spread and the over. Big week for Stafford, CJ and K-Smooth. Lions 31 – Browns 10. Drinkin’ the Kool-aid again. They’ve sucked all year but I’m giving them the benefit of a doubt this week and hoping to see some flashes of a real NFL team. GO LIONS!!

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